Volunteer of the Month

 September 2014

 Rose Shiel

Rose has been a volunteer for the Delta Animal Shelter for a year now this October. She is a tremendous asset to our shelter for many different reasons. She loves working with the cats and dogs equally; she doesn’t favor either over the other. Her favorite thing to do with all the adoptable animals is to play with them, exercise them, and watch them get adopted. Her current favorite shelter resident is Bailey the dog. Bailey’s litter mate was recently adopted, so Rose said she hopes her time comes soon too.

            Rose grew up on a farm, so she has been around animals her entire life. Growing up she wanted to become a veterinarian but she said “Back then it wasn’t the type of career girls were suppose to have”. So she always had pets of her own instead.

            Rose recently retired as a Sergeant from the State Police Post in 2009. Other than volunteering her hobbies include cross stitching, snowshoeing, teaching Sunday school, and being a member of the Steam and Gas Club.

 Rose currently has her hands full at home. She shares her house with 4 cats and 2 dogs. AND if that wasn’t enough she has graciously volunteered to foster 8 new baby kittens for the shelter, and she will be taking them home this week. She is excited to do whatever she can to help.

            Rose also loves to help with our fundraising events. Her favorite past one she worked was the FlyBall event at the fairgrounds. She said it was very exciting and she looked forward to that one again. She is also looking forward to the new building like the rest of us. She said she will be happy to see all the extra room we will have for socializing the cats and letting them play together.

             Rose is a valued member of our shelter family and we are happy to showcase her this month as our Volunteer of the Month. We look forward to many years to come with her on our team, helping us be the caring voices for animals in need. Thank you Rose for all you do!

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August 2014

Barb Tardiff

Barb has been an active member of the Delta Animal Shelter for around 8 years. She was a member of the Delta Area Animal Society back when the shelter was county owned.  She originally got involved because her former dog had passed away and she wanted to help by walking dogs at the shelter since she didn’t have one at home.

 She currently shares her home with her three rescue pets: Maximus (German shepherd adopted from the Delta County Animal Shelter 7 years ago), Sky (German shepherd adopted from the German Shepherd Rescue Green Bay), and a Maine Coon cat named Shady Mosses. She also shares her home with her husband Rocky, whom she has been married to for 27 years.

 Her favorite shelter activity has always been working with the dogs. Unfortunately because of her schedule lately she has not been able to volunteer hands on as often as she would like, but she hopes to get back involved soon. She still finds time to help us with many of our fundraising events such as the Ernies Pub, and FurRaiser. She also has a dog house at taco bell that she takes care of and collects money for.

 Barb is a Surgery Nurse at St Francis Hospital. One of her favorite hobbies is doing agility with her dog Sky. Sky is a natural which makes it a fun event for them to enjoy together. She also loves to go camping and boating in the summer. Barb has dual citizenship as an Australian/American so traveling is another one of her hobbies. She is looking forward to going to Australia late this year.

 Barb said she is very excited for our new shelter. She is most excited for the dog walking trails that may soon be in place after we move in. She feels this would be a great place for people to gather and walk their dogs.

 We want to thank Barb for her many years of dedication to our shelter family. You are a valued member and we ap[appreciate your continuous support!

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July 2014

Barb Vargo

Barb has been an active member of our local shelter since 1987. For the majority of her time with us she was involved with the group called the Delta Area Animal Society which was a support group for our county run animal shelter. For many of those years the group’s main focus was assisting the county in paying for all spay and neuter surgeries. The group would raise funds with different fundraisers so they could pay half for all surgeries completed. Back at that time Barb says she can remember only have two members at the monthly meetings. It was difficult to get started but she is happy to see where all their hard work and dedication has led to.

Barb was a groomer for 20 years when she opened the Pooch Parlor in 1987. She has since sold the business and retired. Before becoming a groomer Barb was a home Economics teacher. She shares her home with her husband Stephen of 44 years, and their dog Ellie who is 14 years old. Barb enjoys traveling as a hobby and says that her favorite places to visit is any and all national parks.

As a member of the Delta Animal Shelter Barb mostly enjoys taking care of our SuperOne slip returns. She said this is something she feels she can do well and help in contributing to the group from home since she lives far from town. Barb has held two officer positions with the group while being involved. She was the secretary of the group for many years, and was also the Vice President for a couple years after that.

She enjoys working with the group and looks forward to the new animal shelter. She said she is mainly looking forward to some space to hold our monthly membership meetings directly at the shelter. We want to thank Barb for her many years of dedicated service to our shelter and the animals that she has helped save over the years. Barb, you are appreciated and we look forward to many more years to come with you involved with our group!





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