Sponsoring a Shelter Animal

Are you unable to adopt a shelter animal, but would still like to help one in need? Then sponsoring a cat or dog is the perfect way to help. All of our animals have adoption fees, and when you sponsor an animal, you make a donation in their name towards their adoption fee. This lowers the adoption fee, to make it more affordable to a family who may be looking to add a new memeber to their home. We advertise our "sponsored" animals on facebook and in the newspaper to help get them adopted as quickly as possible.

The best types of animals to sponsor are the "less adoptable" pets, such as a senior or older pets, or an animal who may have health issues. A sponsorship helps make these less adoptable animals get more notice and recognition, to hopefullly entice a new family to pick them.

The Delta Animal Shelter gives temporary shelter to thousands of animals every year who are lost, abandoned or surrendered. Your sponsorship will help make adopting an animal from our facility available to more families. Also sponsoring an animal is a great gift to give the person who has everything! You can sponsor an animal in name or in memory of someone. 


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