Surrendering a Pet

We understand that pet owners have many reasons why they cannot keep their pets. We also believe in lifelong commitments to companion animals, and understand the heartache that is felt when you have to give up a pet.

We strongly encourage pet owners to seek help in finding solutions to common issues, such as behavior problems, veterinary needs or house training as soon as the problem is discovered. Don’t know where to start? Give us a call and we will do our best to get you pointed in the right direction!

Bringing your pet to the Delta Animal Shelter
If you must bring your pet to the shelter, please be prepared to fill out our Owner Surrender information as accurately and completely as possible. Honest answers are important to us and will help to ensure that your pet is place in the most appropriate home as possible.

Please bring along any documents, medical information or unneeded supplies for your pet. There is no fee for dropping off an animals, but please consider making a donation to help provide for the care of your pet. If you cannot afford to make a donation on the day that you surrender your pet, you are welcome to mail a donation to us at 6685 N.75 Dr Escanaba, MI 49829.

Once you have relinquished ownership of your pet, our team will evaluate his or her health and temperament. Healthy pets that pass our behavioral evaluation (temperament or aggression test) may be approved for adoption right away.

Adoptable pets that maintain good physical and emotional health stay until they are adopted. We do not have a set time-limit in our adoption areas.



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